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Using the Stickman Knowledge Base - Menu Bar

This article describes the basic features of the Stickman knowledge base from the homepage view.



Referring to the picture, here are some descriptions of the features you can see:

KB Home

This link simply takes you back to the page seen in the picture.

Advanced Search

The search box visible in the picture is probably sufficient for most keyword searches, but the Advanced Search provides options for more in-depth searches when particular information is not being found. One example of this is to insert an article's ID should you happen to know it. 


Two items of news are already visible in the picture, but the News link takes you to a page dedicated to the news items.


The knowledge base offers definitions of technical terms and TLAs, they appear as green, underlined text so that the definition can be seen when you hover the cursor over them. The glossary link displays the full list of terms.

Ask a Question

This link enables you to make any kind of enquiry relating to the knowledge base. This might include clarification on, or correction of, an article; asking for help finding an article; or even offering a draft article on something that is not in the knowledge base.

My Favourites

You can mark articles you might refer to frequently as a favourite. This link displays all such articles so you can go to them quickly.

My Tickets

This is planned to be renamed My Questions soon (June 2017) and moved next to Ask a Question. It is a page dedicated to the questions you have submitted to the knowledge base; these will include the responses received too.

My Profile

This is the page where you can change your knowledge base name, email address and password. Note that a forgotten password cannot be found for you, but we can reset it, so get in touch should this be necessary.


Logs you out of your account so that you can only see the content available to the rest of the internet i.e. that in the Public Categories.



There are a few categories used to provide loose classifications for the articles they contain. Although browsing through these is possible, the emphasis is on searching the knowledge, so the articles are more likely to be small and to-the-point so that they can be found quickly. This will make browsing less effective. Please do Ask a Question to let us know when an article is hard to find or absent.




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