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The MESH SMTP server address at a particular site will be x.x.254.254 i.e. where clients on a site are given addresses 10.0.x.x, the SMTP server address will be     MESH SMTP Relays   Supplier specific SMTP Relay Servers to be used... Read More
Static and Dynamic IP Addresses on MESH
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Clients will probably want their machines to pick up IP addresses dynamically (automatically) most of the time. However, devices such as printers are usually best configured with a static (non-changing) address. This image shows a typical... Read More
Network Switches and VoIP Switches
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At user-level, network switches are simple devices that form the core of a network. The picture below shows that you can make a LAN by configuring the computers and connecting them to a switch.   Switches can be used to do very clever things like... Read More
A Simple Overview of How Networks Work
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