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Emails Not Received From a Particular Domain or Sender

This article relates to the non-receipt of emails, particularly relates to Outlook email accounts, especially Office 365 online, where there is no router involved so the filtering is probably due to settings. 

  1. Log into the 365 account online;
  2. Go to Settings (top-right);
  3. Check the rules for anything that could cause the problem e.g. a rule grabbing keywords could be to blame: Mail>Automatic Processing>Inbox and sweep rules;
  4. Check the senders are not in the Blocked Senders list;
  5. The most likely check is in Mail>Accounts>Block or allow - check the Automatically filter junk mail box;
  6. Enter the problem email addresses in the Safe Senders and Recipients, and/or...
  7. Check the Trust email from my contacts box if they are in the contacts list.

Additionally, see this page for more ideas if necessary.




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