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Outlook Not Send or Receiving

This article has some common solutions for outlook not sending or receiving.


  1. Email is not sending/receiving.
  2. Outlook says offline or disconnected.
  3. Emails sitting in outbox.
  4. In these situations the internet works for web browsing and other uses.


  1. Check outlook is not set to Work Offline - Go to Send/Receive tab and look for the Work Offline icon to the far left.  If this is dark grey then click on it to turn it off.
  2. Check the email password is up to date - log in to webmail to test (if using Office 365 go to Sometimes a password reset does not propagate through to outlook.
  3. Turn Work Offline on, close and re-open outlook and then turn Work Offline off.
  4. Start outlook in Safe Mode - find the outlook icon and hold down ctrl whilst clicking on it.  This will bring up the option to open in safe mode.
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