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  1. No Printers Available The fault symptoms are likely to be that the printers are visible (but unavailable) under Windows System Settings, but none visible when trying to print from an application such as Word. A proven fix was found here, but the text follows: Check the... Read More
  2. How to Print Configuration Pages for Different Makes of Printer It is possible to print a configuration page from a printer. This provides confirmation of a printer's settings, especially useful for remote diagnosis of printer problems. See this website for a large range of makes and models.... Read More
  3. Canon Business Printer Interface Access When trying to connect to a business Canon printer (such as the iR ADV C5540) via a web interface, try using 7654321 for the username and password. See also this page.... Read More
  4. HP Printer Will Not Print Multiple Copies This article particularly relates to a Pagewide Pro MFP477dw, but is sure to be applicable to other models with the same feature. The symptoms are that multiple copies are sent to the printer, but it prints only one copy and displays 'job comple... Read More
  5. Xerox Phaser 3200 Printer Offline There is a quirk with Xerox Phaser 3200 printers in that they can appear to be permanently offline and unreachable. First of all, check for sure that it is not sleeping by pressing any standby button on it; though sending an item to print should wake... Read More
  6. Beginners Guide to Cabling This article gives a brief overview of the main components in cabling office networks.  It is intended to aid investigating issues with patching, cabling and identifying network connections. Cabling The sole aim of the cabling is to connect equipmen... Read More
  7. Static and Dynamic IP Addresses on MESH Clients will probably want their machines to pick up IP addresses dynamically (automatically) most of the time. However, devices such as printers are usually best configured with a static (non-changing) address. This image shows a typical configurati... Read More

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