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  1. Powerline Adaptors Powerline adaptors are a means to increasing a network's coverage when it is difficult or inconvenient to do so with Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. They are usually supplied in pairs and work by simply plugging them into two mains sockets at home, t... Read More
  2. Sharing and Syncing Outlook Contacts The principle behind sharing contacts - and certainly contact groups - is to create a new folder and put the contacts to be shared in there. Then share the folder. For more detail, the following is taken from a University of Sussex post: **********... Read More
  3. Static and Dynamic IP Addresses on MESH Clients will probably want their machines to pick up IP addresses dynamically (automatically) most of the time. However, devices such as printers are usually best configured with a static (non-changing) address. This image shows a typical configurati... Read More
  4. Call Pickup on Cloudcalling Call Pickup on Cloudcalling See also Stickman Instruction Manual for the Snom 710 and Cloudcalling.   It is possible to pick up a call ringing on another phone within your own Cloudcalling account. *21 - pick up first call ringing You can pick up a... Read More
  5. Xerox Phaser 3200 Printer Offline There is a quirk with Xerox Phaser 3200 printers in that they can appear to be permanently offline and unreachable. First of all, check for sure that it is not sleeping by pressing any standby button on it; though sending an item to print should wake... Read More

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