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  1. Beginners Guide to Cabling This article gives a brief overview of the main components in cabling office networks.  It is intended to aid investigating issues with patching, cabling and identifying network connections. Cabling The sole aim of the cabling is to connect equipmen... Read More
  2. Problem Loading AutoCAD LT 2012 If AutoCAD LT 2012 crashes out of the splash screen, or is stuck intializing, and will not load then check the Windows update history for Microsoft .NET updates.  If there is a recent update try fixing or rolling back to the previous version.  This... Read More
  3. Office Documents Will Not Open This article is applicable to any file-type in Windows, but this particular issue with Office has been experienced at Stickman.  If a Word or Excel document does not open properly, or the application throws an error, check that the icon next to thos... Read More
  4. Outlook Error Message "Cannot Open .ost File" This error message usually appears when Outlook is opening. .ost files enable Outlook to be used if the computer is offline. The files usually exist and this error suggests the file is probably corrupt. The simplest thing is to try to force Outlook t... Read More

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