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  1. Powerline Adaptors Powerline adaptors are a means to increasing a network's coverage when it is difficult or inconvenient to do so with Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi. They are usually supplied in pairs and work by simply plugging them into two mains sockets at home, t... Read More
  2. Xerox Phaser 3200 Printer Offline There is a quirk with Xerox Phaser 3200 printers in that they can appear to be permanently offline and unreachable. First of all, check for sure that it is not sleeping by pressing any standby button on it; though sending an item to print should wake... Read More
  3. Outlook Working Offline If Outlook does not sync and says it is working offline: Click the Send/Receive tab; To the far-right, in Preferences, click the Work Online button; It should look like to work properly:  ... Read More
  4. HTTP sites flagged as "not secure" in Google Chrome The next version of Chrome, released on July 24th, now flags all sites that use HTTP and not HTTPS as insecure in the browser. More information and an example can be found at -... Read More
  5. What is a CLI? This article gives a rough guide to what a CLI is, with respect to the MESH Voice phone system. Any time you make telephone call your connection has to give an identity out, this is the CLI, or Caller Line Identification.  All MESH Voice extensions ... Read More
  6. Outlook Not Send or Receiving This article has some common solutions for outlook not sending or receiving. Symptoms: Email is not sending/receiving. Outlook says offline or disconnected. Emails sitting in outbox. In these situations the internet works for web browsing and other ... Read More
  7. Wi-Fi Router Emulator - DrayTek This emulator website enables you try out settings changes on DrayTek wireless routers. ... Read More
  8. Network Device Emulator - Trendnet This emulator website enables you try out settings changes on Trendnet network devices. ... Read More
  9. Wi-Fi Router Emulator - D-Link DIR-655 This emulator website enables you try out settings changes on a D-Link DIR-655 wireless router. ... Read More
  10. Wi-Fi Router Emulator - D-Link DIR-600 This emulator website enables you try out settings changes on a D-Link DIR-600 wireless router. ... Read More
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