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  1. What is a CLI? This article gives a rough guide to what a CLI is, with respect to the MESH Voice phone system. Any time you make telephone call your connection has to give an identity out, this is the CLI, or Caller Line Identification.  All MESH Voice extensions ... Read More
  2. HTTP sites flagged as "not secure" in Google Chrome The next version of Chrome, released on July 24th, now flags all sites that use HTTP and not HTTPS as insecure in the browser. More information and an example can be found at -... Read More
  3. Beginners Guide to Cabling This article gives a brief overview of the main components in cabling office networks.  It is intended to aid investigating issues with patching, cabling and identifying network connections. Cabling The sole aim of the cabling is to connect equipmen... Read More
  4. Network drive access issues This article covers some symptoms and resolutions for mapped drives and network connections which have disconnected.  One regular piece of software which suffers from disconnects is Sage. If software cannot access data through a mapped drive or netw... Read More
  5. Outlook Not Send or Receiving This article has some common solutions for outlook not sending or receiving. Symptoms: Email is not sending/receiving. Outlook says offline or disconnected. Emails sitting in outbox. In these situations the internet works for web browsing and other ... Read More
  6. WAPs and Wireless Routers This article describes the key differences between Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and Wireless routers.  Often clients will have a wireless router when they only need a WAP. A wireless router is a router which allows connectivity to it via wireless, ... Read More
  7. How to Find a PC’s Name ... and other PC Properties The name of your PC isn't always obvious, there can be a number of labels around that could be taken to be the computer's name, but which is the right one? To find a PC's name: Open File Explorer by pressing Win+E; Right-click This... Read More
  8. No Printers Available The fault symptoms are likely to be that the printers are visible (but unavailable) under Windows System Settings, but none visible when trying to print from an application such as Word. A proven fix was found here, but the text follows: Check the... Read More
  9. How to Send Fax to Email on Cloudcalling To send a fax via email on the Cloudcalling system: Send an email to Make sure the sending address is one logged in the Cloudcalling extension; Put the receiving fax's phone number in the subject line or message body; A... Read More
  10. Adding a Windows PC to a Domain A domain is a named-subset of machines within a network; another machine wishing to share those resources needs to be added to the domain. These are the basic instructions for doing so. You should be logged in as administrator, or connected via VPN ... Read More
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