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Glossary is usually defined as an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge. This knowledge base glossary provides a collection of knowledge base documents that define many technical terms. These terms are arranged alphabetically, but you can quickly jump to a specific term by selecting its first letter from the index of the knowledge base glossary below.

Eight bits. A bit (Binary digIT) is a single unit of data having two possible states: 1 or 0. A byte is a collection of eight bits to produce 2^8 possible states (256) and faster communication. Examples of larger collections of bytes are kilobytes (kB - notionally 1,000 bytes (8,000 bits)), megabytes (MB, one million) and gigabytes (GB, one billion). Note that bytes are represented by a capital B, while bits are represented by a lower-case b. It is convention for amounts of data to be referred to in bytes e.g. 2MB; while data transfer speeds shown in bits e.g. 16Mb (or 16Mbps (per second)).

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