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  1. Call Pickup on Cloudcalling Call Pickup on Cloudcalling See also Stickman Instruction Manual for the Snom 710 and Cloudcalling.   It is possible to pick up a call ringing on another phone within your own Cloudcalling account. *21 - pick up first call ringing You can pick up a... Read More
  2. SNOM 710 Datasheet ... Read More
  3. Network Switches and VoIP Switches At user-level, network switches are simple devices that form the core of a network. The picture below shows that you can make a LAN by configuring the computers and connecting them to a switch.   Switches can be used to do very clever things like ... Read More
  4. Phone Codes for Turning Functions On and Off in Cloudcalling This webpage lists the Cloudcalling features that can be turned on and off via a VoIP keypad. See also Turning Call Rules On and Off - Cloudcalling.... Read More
  5. Beginners Guide to Cabling This article gives a brief overview of the main components in cabling office networks.  It is intended to aid investigating issues with patching, cabling and identifying network connections. Cabling The sole aim of the cabling is to connect equipmen... Read More
  6. Failure Sending Fax to Email on Cloudcalling If sending a fax via email should fail: Log-in to the relevant Cloudcalling account; Go to the fax extension and select Phone terminal setup; Find the Fax Center and enable it; Add an email address to send from; more can be added using the + next ... Read More
  7. How to Send Fax to Email on Cloudcalling To send a fax via email on the Cloudcalling system: Send an email to Make sure the sending address is one logged in the Cloudcalling extension; Put the receiving fax's phone number in the subject line or message body; A... Read More
  8. Dial Codes for 3CX Handsets This is the webpage listing the 3CX keypad dial codes that turn some functions on and off.... Read More
  9. User Manual for snom 710 ... Read More
  10. User Manual for snom 3xx ... Read More
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