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  1. WAPs and Wireless Routers This article describes the key differences between Wireless Access Points (WAPs) and Wireless routers.  Often clients will have a wireless router when they only need a WAP. A wireless router is a router which allows connectivity to it via wireless, ... Read More
  2. Trouble-shooting Computer with No Internet The initial questions to ask, when trouble-shooting a single computer with no internet are as follows: Does the PC have a network connection, wired or wireless?- if not, check the patching to this computer, or if others can connect wirelessly try re... Read More
  3. Static and Dynamic IP Addresses on MESH Clients will probably want their machines to pick up IP addresses dynamically (automatically) most of the time. However, devices such as printers are usually best configured with a static (non-changing) address. This image shows a typical configurati... Read More

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