The MESH SMTP server address at a particular site will be x.x.254.254 i.e. where clients on a site are given addresses 10.0.x.x, the SMTP server address will be






Supplier specific SMTP Relay Servers to be used for MESH Interface configuration


To configure MESH with an SMTP Server follow the steps below


1. Go to Interfaces on MESH.


2. Click the drop-down box under Actions for either the Primary or Backup Lines ie metric 0/1 then go to Edit Configuration.


3. Enter the following IP Address into the SMTP Relay field depending on the Supplier as follows:






MESH does not support SMTP Relay via DNS Lookup therefore the A Record needs to be checked to confirm the underlying IP as follows:


ICUK - > Command Prompt > nslookup -debug -type=A


CCS - > Command Prompt > nslookup -debug -type=A


Services are normally ordered as L2TP (Layer 2) by the Supplier because they have their own LNS for IP Addressing and WAN Breakout.


This also means if the Supplier has ordered a Managed (Layer 3) service then the relevant Carrier will need to provide the SMTP Relay address.


The provider of the upstream SMTP Relay IP address rests with whoever is responsible for Routing (Layer 3) the line in question.


Here are some well known Wholesale Providers and their confirmed SMTP Relay IP addresses (not normally required) as follows:


BT - (


TalkTalk - (


Vodafone - (


Zen - (


Virgin - (


It is recommended to use a Smarthost over an SMTP Relay in order to maintain IP Web Reputation.






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